Marc Vetri Will Teach You How to Cook

If there’s one thing the popularity of reality TV has taught us, it’s that being a spectator is no longer enough to satisfy the masses.

Turns out, that idea carries over into the kitchen. For years, Philadelphians have praised chef Marc Vetri’s restaurants Vetri and Osteria—but with the exception of leftovers, we’ve never been able to enjoy Vetri’s cooking at home on our own time.

That’s about to change. Osteria’s prep kitchen has been transformed into a culinary school, and Vetri and chef Jeff Michaud will teach lessons on creating the delectable Italian faire Vetri is known for (think pizza and pasta. Mmm).

The two chefs will also welcome winemakers and other notable guest chefs, to ensure you and your fellow classmates leave knowing the best in Italian cooking techniques.

For more information, call Osteria at  215-763-0920, or email

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