Jonathan Richman's Hour-Long Set

Jonathan Richman, the legendary proto-punk founder of The Modern Lovers back in the early '70s, returned to Philly last night, playing a solo show at the Church that lasted exactly 60 minutes, plus two encores.

Of course, the noted straight-edger has always kept to a punctual schedule, and it wasn't as if JoJo's set, ever eclectic, was overly constricted. Indeed, he devoted 15 minutes, or 1/4 of his gig to an epic, extended version of "When We Refuse To Suffer".

Regardless of their brief time together, for true JR fans (and they are a dedicated bunch), nothing else particularly matters when their hero is on-stage doing his thing. For the uninitiated, endearing does not even begin to do him justice. For further proof, one need only see him dance.

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