A Quiz to “Fall” for

Trivia buffs can earn points towards the main event

Get ready Quizzo fans. Philly’s own Quizzo master Johnny Goodtimes is back with the Autumn Invitational, a new competition to celebrate the arrival of Fall.

And if you thought his Summer Invitational was epic, you ain't seen nothing yet.

JGT summed up the rules on his website:

The Autumn Invitational is part quizzo, part scavenger hunt, part Let’s Make a Deal. Teams earn points for finishing in the top 3 in my weekly quizzos, for completing physical challenges posted on Facebook, and for answering bonus trivia questions or having items on their persons at quizzo.

The Top 25 teams will then get to compete in the main event on Nov. 14.

Need more motivation to enter? Check out the main event prizes. The winning team gets $300 and 2nd place goes home with 150 bucks. There are also other $100 awards up for grabs.

To get in on the fun you have to be 21 since the quizzos are held at bars throughout the city.

For more information on scheduling, scoring and more check out Johnny’s website.

So gather your friends and brush up on your knowledge of random facts or just show up and hope for the best. At least they will be serving beer.

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