Get Served This Saturday

Do You Need The Service? releases its new album this Saturday at Johnny Brenda's

The band that Philadelphia Weekly describes as having “new wave and post-funk flourishes” and “a great sense of humor” is here to serve you this Saturday at Johnny Brenda’s with their album release concert.

Do You Need The Service?, the instrumental band that weaves jazz, funk and rock into tightly arranged songs and mesmerizing performances, is hitting the stage at Johnny Brenda’s 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Debuting their album “I Hurl Myself Toward Glory,” these self-proclaimed pleasure-givers will do just that – give you the pleasure of Justin Hallman (bass), Mark Sconyers (drums), Michael Tramontana (baritone sax) and Timothy Day (synths, guitars and Rhodes).

For a cover of $10, you will not only get the playful hooks and lady-pleasing, this-is-not-a-jam-band funk, jazz and rock ‘n roll of DYNTS?, everyone in attendance will also receive a free download of the album and a chance to purchase it on 12” inch vinyl – the way in which God intended music to be listened.

Accompanying the band whose leader gave the funniest interview that we’ve read in the music section of Philadelphia Weekly will be Photon Band, which is playing its last show for a while, and Grimace Federation.

To get tickets in advance click here. Or just show up and pay at the door in time to say, "'Boy, they sure don’t sing a lot’ or ‘Man, their drummer makes me uncomfortable ... but I like it.”


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