4-Year-Old Coupon Guru Uses Clippings to Feed Kids

And you thought your mom was good at clipping coupons

Sujal Tretina loves two things: President Obama and cereal.

So when the four-year old heard his buddy Barack addressing the nation about the economic crisis, he perked up and listened.

Sujal learned (with a little a little help from Mom and Dad) that some families might have trouble putting food on the table. Upset by the fact some kids might not be able to enjoy Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Flakes or Apple Jacks, he decided something needed to be done.

"The people need food," he said.

So he took the money he was just given for his fourth birthday and made a plan to buy his favorite treat for the local food bank. Sujal and his parents calculated the cost of the cereal and figured he could pick up about 50 boxes.

But 50 boxes weren't enough. Looking to get more bang for his buck, the pint-sized philanthropist employed some nifty coupon techniques he learned from a recent TV news segment.

The family clipped all the coupons they could find and he even scoured the Internet for deals. That persistence paid off as Sujal was able to more than double the amount of cereal he could buy.

By the time he was done, Sujal was able to donate 157 lbs. of cereal to the Food Bank of Delaware. Patricia Beebe with the food bank called the gift "wonderful," especially from a four-year old.

Next, he's going to help his parents save some dough at the grocery store.

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