Free Patriotic Pizza July 4

Uno Chicago Grill is sending 28,000 pizzas to the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Fourth of July, and now offers free pizza to us at home.

Uno joined up with Pizzas 4 Patriots and DHL Worldwide in “Operation Pizza Surge.” Almost 30,000 pizza were shipped off to U.S. soldiers in the Middle East last week, so that they could have a taste of America on Independence Day.

To spread the patriotic pizza love, Uno is now offering free pizza to restaurant customers in most of its 200 chains on July 4.

The deal is for “a free individual deep dish or flatbread pizza with the purchase of an entrée of equal or greater value,” says the Boston Globe.

So bite into a piece of America on the day that celebrates winning our independence and think of the soldiers who are heroically defending those freedoms today.

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