Chef Taus Updates The Corner's Menu

Newly-appointed exec chef John "Chainsaw" Taus has overhauled the menu at The Corner to better reflect his vision for the modern American lounge. Gone are the Asian-influenced dishes, and now making an appearance are some of Taus' specials from his stint at Snackbar, as well as some completely new grub.

"Scott Swiderski had a very recognizable menu, showcasing his talents with Pan-Asian flavors," said Taus. "I'm glad I am getting the opportunity to bring my own goods to the table, my own style."

Some of the dishes will be familiar to Philly diners, like the Pork Belly Sliders ($8), and one of his Snackbar faves, the Fettucine with Braised Cabbage and Parmesan ($12), a nod to his Eastern- European heritage. But there will be other plates we've never seen before, like the Popcorn Shrimp ($12).

"Our Popcorn Shrimp are coated with mini-popcorn and a batter that sets after the popcorn pops. So, the shrimp will be surrounded in popcorn and then a crispy coating around that. It's a sick dish, with all the complementary textures," said Taus.

Other menu additions include:

Blue Bay Mussels in Tomato Sauce ($12)
Chicken and Dumplings ($12)
Maple Glazed Lamb Spare Ribs ($12)
Duck Pastrami Sandwich ($14)
Fried Fluke Sandwich ($14)
Brussels Sprouts with Benton's Bacon ($6)
Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey Necks ($6)

This menu is in effect right now at the boite on 13th Street, so get yourself over there to give it a shot. And, don't forget about the upcoming all-star collaboration dinner taking place on March 15, where seats are still available. [The Feast]

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