Can of Wheat Dinner at Percy Street 8/23

Our barbecue BFF Percy Street is hosting a four course "Can of Wheat" dinner next Tuesday, August 23. Cans are increasingly becoming the preferred method of packaging by brewers, touted for their environmental benefits as well as their ability to keep beer fresher than bottles do. While we remain impartial on the politics of preservation, we are quite partial to this menu, especially at the price of $50 per person:

Country Ham Sandwich
heirloom tomatoes, parmesan cheese
Sly Fox Royal Weisse

Rock Shrimp Salad
butter beans, cantaloupe, crispy chicken skin
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Mushroom-stuffed Turkey Breast
creamed collards, sweet corn, field peas
Wild Onion Summer Wit

Kentucky Fried Peaches
black pepper ice cream, sugar wafer
Avery White Rascal

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