Andy Reid Eagles Cardinals Press Conference On how important the win was for the coaching staff

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

On how important the win was for the coaching staff:
“I thought it was important that everybody pulled together, players and coaches. We all have our job to do and we all needed to do it better. For the coaches, that’s just what it is. It’s taking complex situations and trying to simplify them for the players. They’re the ones that have to go out there and function. It’s putting the players in the right position and right coverage and right front. I thought the coaches did a nice job with that. I thought that was big and I thought the players, on a short week, really trusted the gameplan. Not that they haven’t before, but I thought they really trusted the gameplan, and liked it and seemed to execute it well on the practice days that we had; just a couple. I thought the players executed very well.”

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