America Wins Yet Again: Beerman Lets You Tweet Your Beer Order At CBP

Okay, so this is the greatest thing ever right here. Bill Watkins, who works as a beer vendor at Citizens Bank Park, is now receiving orders for beer via Twitter. Oh, yes. We have crossed the threshold, America. NOTHING CAN STOP US NOW. From KPLC:


Instead of having to wait to get an ice-cold beer at their seats or stand in a long line, Phillies fans can now send a tweet and have their drinks delivered right to their seat by Bill "The Beerman" Watkins.

"Fans simply tweets their seat location: section, row and seat," Watkins said. "And I'll come running."

Oh, bless your heart, good sir. All my life, I’ve pined for an alternate way to get beer from my beer guy at the stadium. No more screaming at him, and trying frantically to make eye contact. No more praying he’ll be coming around soon because my cup is empty, only to get six cotton candy vendors in a row. Furthermore, tweeting your order to Watkins is the kind of luxury amenity that you’d expect in the fanciest seats. Now, you can get that kind of service all the way up to the 300 level. Pretty soon, this will be the main way you get beer at the park. And hot dogs. And peanuts. And rhinoplasty. It will all come to you.

I’m tempted to see if tweeting Watkins right now will cause him to leap in his car and drive to my house to hand-deliver a frosty beverage. Because I could use such a service. I really could. Anyway, next time you hit the park and you’re sitting in Watkins’ assigned sections, don’t be shy at tweeting at your boy. I dare say Twitter was invented specifically for this moment.

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