Elmwood Park Zoo

Meet the New Babies Helping to Grow an Endangered Species at Elmwood Park Zoo

A pair of Chacoan peccaries gave birth to two at the norristown Zoo

Two baby Chacoan peccaries stand in front of an adult peccary.
Elmwood Park Zoo

A family is getting bigger at the Elmwood Park Zoo.

The Zoo announced the addition of two newborn Chacoan peccaries in a news release Friday morning. The baby peccaries were born July 15 to mother Parsley and father Yavi.

"First time mother, Parsley, has been taking great care of her two little ones, and our animal care staff has done an amazing job to make sure that this new family is as comfortable as possible," the zoo said.

The birth of the peccaries is a sign in the right direction, they are a very rare and high on the endangered species list the zoo said on its site. There are approximately 3,000 in the world.

Guest can visit the zoo to see the newborns and their parents in their enclosure but are asked to approach the area "carefully and quietly."

Chacoan peccaries come from the Gran Chaco region of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, according to the zoo. The species is know for it's ability to break down tough foods such as cacti.

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