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Woman Digs Up 2-Headed Piglet in Mom's Yard



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    The piglet body this woman found had two snouts.

    A Pennsylvania woman has donated an unusual body to science: the carcass of a two-headed piglet she found preserved in a jar dug up outside her mother's home.

    Sharon Reagle tells the Meadville Tribune she unearthed the jar while planting shrubs at her mother's home in Saegertown on Sunday.

    Reagle calls the find “unique, pretty neat really.” But she felt it was better to donate it to the biology department at nearby Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa. That's about 90 miles north of Pittsburgh.

    Assistant professor Lisa Whitenack says, “This is like Christmas for a biologist. The students will love it.”

    Reagle says her parents didn't raise pigs in the 56 years they lived on the property, so she has no idea how it got there.

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