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Pennsylvania Police Flee Station Amid Bee Swarm



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    One might say they were buzz-ted.

    A swarm of bees forced a police department out of its offices in northeastern Pennsylvania.

    The (Scranton) Times-Tribune reports Carbondale police had to abandon their station Tuesday when the bees arrived. Unbelievable Animals: Otter Hops Onto KayakUnbelievable Animals: Otter Hops Onto Kayak

    Most settled into cracks and crevices in the City Hall's third-floor brick exterior, but some others were able to get inside the building and into the first-floor police station.

    A beekeeper removed more than 400 bees on Tuesday, while officers worked from other offices in the building. The expert was expected to return Wednesday to remove the rest of the bees from the building's brick exterior.

    The station was to remain closed to the public Wednesday.