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‘Things Got Pretty Intense’: Fisherman Reels in 3-Foot-Long Shark

Adventure fisherman George Saber almost bitten by shark



    (Published Monday, May 23, 2016)

    A Plano, Texas, man's "catch of the day" almost took a chunk of his leg.

    With his cameras rolling, adventure fisherman George Saber reeled in a shark a mile and half off the Corpus Christi coast.

    "He obviously wasn't a monster shark, so I figured I'd bring him on board, get the hook out and get some cool pictures," Saber said. "He turned around, turned towards me and started thrashing. Things got pretty intense."

    The Atlantic Sharp-nose was about three feet long, Saber said.

    Courtesy Fontenelle Forest Rehabilitation Center

    "All I was thinking was, 'get my feet out of the way' when the shark was nipping at my feet. It got closer and closer to my groin," he recalled. "She picked up her energy again and it turned into a dance off."

    Saber, who fishes in a kayak, said he wasn't scared.

    "Being scared in certain situations is going to work in somebody's disadvantage. It's about being calm and composed," he said.

    Online:Saber's narrated YouTube video