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Peanut Butter to Give Caffeine Fix For Those Who Don't Like Coffee




    There is finally an answer for people who want a caffeine fix but hate coffee!

    A company named Steem has created a peanut butter that has about two cups of coffee in every two tablespoons. It is made of peanut oil, salt, peanuts, and agave nectar, with a green-coffee extract mixed in to add the caffeine boost.

    One of the owners of the company told that the product has advantages over coffee.

    Photo credit: Steem

    "It came from my pure love of caffeine and peanut butter, really,'' co-owner Chris Pettazzoni told the site. "They are two things I already want anyway. We know we're not going to pry that first cup of coffee out of people's hands, but maybe the second or third one. It's way more efficient, and we think you're taking in less caffeine because of how long the peanut butter is staying in you."

    How did the product come about? Co-owners Keith Barnofski and Andrew Brach thought up the product three years ago while trying to come up with cures for hangovers, TODAY reported.

    The jars can be bought for $4.99 plus shipping through their website. They can also be bought in some stores in western Massachusetts and gyms in California, Florida and Arizona