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Sergeant Who Turned Over Stolen Gun Sues Philly Police Department for Brutality

Officer says he was treated unfairly and was just trying to do the right thing


    Philadelphia Police Sgt. Brandon Ruff pictured during a 2013 interview with NBC10.

    A Philadelphia Police sergeant who allegedly hid his identity while turning over a stolen gun has filed a brutality lawsuit against his fellow officers.

    Sgt. Brandon Ruff, who served in the 16th District, filed a lawsuit Monday against the Philadelphia Police Department for false arrest and other alleged civil rights violations, according to a federal court filing. told you exclusively two weeks ago about how Ruff is under investigation by the force's Internal Affairs division for an incident involving the turning in of handguns.

    Earlier this month, Ruff, in plain clothes and not identifying himself as an officer, walked into the 35th District in North Philadelphia carrying a bag containing three guns.

    He told that a community member, in a different part of the city, needed help getting them to authorities. That person was running an illegal gun buy back program to get guns out of his neighborhood, according to the officer.

    Ruff said he was trying to anonymously turn over the weapons and was detained when he tried to leave. He says officers grabbed him, threatened to tase him and treated him unjustly.

    Law enforcement sources tell that ballistics showed one of the guns was reported stolen during a past burglary. The other two guns are said to be undergoing testing to find out where they came from.

    Philadelphia Police say they reserve the right to question people turning in guns to police districts.

    NBC10 investigative reporter Harry Hairston contributed to this report.

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