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Late at Night on NBC

WATCH: Tom Cruise, Jimmy Fallon Play "Face Breakers" on "The Tonight Show"



    (Published Thursday, June 5, 2014)

    On Wednesday night, Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon shattered a lot of of glass while playing a new "Tonight Show" game called "Face Breakers."

    But before the action, the "Edge of Tomorrow" star revealed that he sees a large amount of films on a monthly basis.

    "I watch about a movie a day," Cruise said. " I grew up on movies, then I grew up to make movies."

    Cruise added that when he bought his first apartment in New York he didn't buy drapes or other household furnishings. Instead, he said he had "the biggest television I could get with all the systems like laser disk and VHS."

    Fallon added that instead of buying a car he decided to buy a laser disc player thinking that the device would take off in the future.

    "I really lost out on that one," Fallon said before revealing his favorite laser disk: Cruise's 1986 film "Top Gun."

    Finally, Fallon and Cruise played a game of "Face Breakers." They took turns throwing footballs at a wall of glass painted with their faces, and the first to smash all of his opponent's faces wins.

    Cruise won the showdown to make up for his disappointing performance in a "Late Night" game called "Egg Roulette" that left him with a scalp full of egg shells.

    Watch the showdown above and the interview below.