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Little Roy, Polly Get Bobblers in 2011

Phillies release preliminary giveaways for the coming season



    Little Roy, Polly Get Bobblers in 2011
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    Congrats to Little Roy and Polly.

    It looks like Roy Oswalt and Placido Polanco are taking home the biggest honors in the Phillies 2011 promotional calendar:

    The little guy with the big arm and the little guy with big cheeks are getting their own bobbleheads.

    Oswalt is up first as fans of all ages can get their hands on a Little Roy bobbler on Tuesday, May 24. Polly’s bobbler will be given out to all fans on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

    There are still no photos out there of what these will look like so stay tuned.

    Other highlights on the freebies front include a Roy Halladay Cy Young Award baseball and collectible tin on Saturday, April 2; opening week T-shirt on Tuesday, April 5; a Carlos Ruiz tee on Sunday, May 22; the cryptic "Kid’s Back to School Giveaway Gift" on Sunday, Aug. 28; and beach towels on Sunday, June 26 that as of now have no player attachment (maybe they are waiting to make this giveaway a makeup for the pink-lipped Jayson Werth blankets from a couple of seasons ago).

    Gotta love CrossingBroad’s take on some of the likely to be popular freebies:

    Highlights? A Roy Halladay Cy Young collectible tin (at least it's not a creepy a** bronzed hand) on April 2nd and a Placido Polanco bobblehead on August 16th (head shipped separately).

    Of course there are plenty of heritage nights including nods to Irish, German, Latino, Italian, Jewish and Asian-Pacific heritages. And, what would promos be without dollar dogs? There are six Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Nights on the calendar.

    But the most bizarre promo has to be two Comcast Fireworks shows. Yes, they are set to happen in July but instead of the traditional spot around Independence Day week, the fireworks won’t go up until the last week of the month when the Pirates come to town. The late fireworks could be because the Phillies only other home series in July are against good teams -- Atlanta, San Francisco and San Diego.