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Red Carpet Recap: Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party



    Red Carpet Recap: Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party
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    Actress Selena Gomez came to the 7th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in very high heels and a very short dress.

    The 7th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party was held this past weekend in Los Angeles. The Hollywood celebs who turned out might be young, but they can certainly hold their own when it comes to ratings, star power and of course, fashion choices.

      Actors like Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Phineas and Ferb), Miranda Cosgrove (Drake and Josh, iCarly), Keke Palmer (True Jackson, VP) and Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place) may not be recognized by all, but if you live in a house with kids under 14, there is a fair chance you know of one or two. Tisdale (24), Cosgrove (16), Palmer (16) and Gomez (17) were all in attendance at the Teen Vogue soiree and they all had a similar look: very short dresses and insanely high heels. Tisdale wore solid black and Gomez wore a black skirt with a pewter top and a black jacket with three-quarter-length sleeves. Cosgrove wore a short dress with a black and cream print. All three wore their very long hair down. Palmer wore a gold dress with a high neck and her hair pulled back in a low ponytail.
    Tisdale aside (she is 24, afterall) the question surfaces: did the three teens look age-appropriate? I think the answer is "yes." The dresses were short, but the necklines were not at all revealing. By keeping their hair down or in a casual ponytail, they kept the look young. Cosgrove, in particular, looked very much her age with very little make-up, minimal jewelry and a rather casual dress. Of course, getting around in 4-inch heels was never something I could do at 16, but the times have changed, I suppose. I was also not doing a party circuit beyond high school dances on a Friday night. Such is the life of young Hollywood!

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