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Marc Jacobs' Wedding Postponed

Insiders blame the designer's busy schedule for the delay, and we've got the scoop on the final location for the nuptials.



    Marc Jacobs' Wedding Postponed
    Larry Busacca/Getty Images
    Dashing lovebirds Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs will have to wait 'til August to make it official.

    After playing coy for months about their engagement (only revealing the rumors were true in late March), lovebirds Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Matone have then proceeded to play coy about the final details of their nuptials for months. Back in March, it was a maybe a romantic getaway wedding in St. Barth's. Then later, insiders suggested the wedding might actually be on Cape Cod as soon as this month. Heck, some people even thought the two had actually gotten married already!

    Well, the good news is, we've finally got all the details. The bad news is that Martone has confirmed the ceremony's happening later than anyone had thought, apparently because of Jacobs' busy schedule (we blame Madonna). The official date is now in August, which as everyone knows is typically a maddeningly busy week for designers here in New York, since Fashion Week kicks off September 10th. How Jacobs' schedule will be calmer then, we're not entirely sure, so we'd predict early August.

    The wedding is, indeed, going to take place in Cape Cod--specifically, Provincetown, Mass., where Jacobs' business partner, Robert Duffy, owns a summer house. In a classic example of good timing, Martone opted to reveal all the final arrangements at a party for New York's gay pride celebrations at the Standard Hotel.