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Restaurant Honors Lost Employee and Friend

Owners of August Restaurant lost their friend to domestic violence in 2008



    Restaurant Honors Lost Employee and Friend
    McCormick, 29, was an August employee and friend

    Restaurant owners, Maryann Brancaccio and Maria Vanni are remembering the friend they lost to domestic violence four years ago today.
    Katherine McCormick, 29, was shot to death by her boyfriend, who then killed himself four years ago, according to South Philly Review.

    “We were shocked,” co-owner Maria Vanni said, “We had no idea. And then one day, our friend was just gone.”
    This year, February 2 not only marks the passing of their friend, but something else -- the second annual dinner held in her honor. 
    To remember McCormick and raise awareness about domestic violence, Vanni are Brancaccio decided to host “The Katie Dinner” at their restaurant August on 13th Street in Philadelphia. 
    Thirty percent of the dinner’s profits are donated to Women in Transition, a service organization committed to helping women and their children facing abuse.
    Last year the women raised over $1,000 to benefit women facing domestic abuse.
    At tonight's dinner the restaurant will include inserts with McCormick’s picture as well as pamphlets from WIT that offer support and information.
    “It's not something people want to talk about. It’s hard, but there is help,” Vanni says.
    Tonight’s dinner is open to anyone; more information can be found on August’s Website or Facebook page.
    For more information on Women in Transition visit their website.