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Kiss That Hangover Goodbye

Some suggestions (from a college guy) on how to get rid of that hangover



    Kiss That Hangover Goodbye
    Don't let this be you!

    Can you feel it? It’s that time of year -- the weather is breaking and you begin to put away the mittens and dust off the sandals. Your lawn furniture and wiffle ball bats suddenly seem to sneak back into your weekend routine. And with the glorious change in the seasons comes the onslaught of cookouts, tailgates, concerts and the always-entertaining Sunday Funday (If you're not familiar with Sunday Funday, you should climb out from under that rock).

    All of which usually results with you waking up the next day, realizing that you need to be at work/in class in less than an hour.

    One word -- hangover.

    We’ve pretty much all been there and because we don’t want your fun to contribute to your career spiraling out of control, we’ve done some research (and some partying) using ourselves as guinea pigs to find out the best ways to conquer the devil known as a hangover.

    You can thank us later.

    Besides sleeping for two days, here’s what we came up with:

    Fruit juice, sports drinks, and water.
    Hydrating your body and replenishing vitamins is the best thing to help your body recover. Anything containing caffeine, like caffeine or soda, will dehydrate you further, and that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. Try apple juice, sports drinks, and good ol’ H2O.

    Pound a Bloody Mary
    Fight fire with fire. While your body is dealing with the new alcohol in your body, it’s forgetting about the old stuff. The vitamins in the tomato juice will have you back running marathons in no time -- or at least get you up and walking.

    Yeah, we know you're feeling crappy and physical activity is the last thing on the planet you would want to engage in, but it works. It gets the blood pumping, helps you sweat out the overwhelming number of shots you took last night and it helps you achieve a sense of accomplishment in the process. It takes a lot of motivation, but it’s worth it.

    There you have it, a few alternatives to the alcohol-induced hibernation you may find yourself wanting to take part in after partying way too hard. 

    Let’s welcome warm weather with open arms, full drinks and good times -- but make sure you drink responsibly!