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Margo's Found! Stolen Dog, Owner Reunited

Thieves took Margo out of her crate -- and even stole her leash



    Joyful Reunion: Stolen Dog Comes Home

    RAW VIDEO: A dog stolen in a burglary has been reunited with his owner after a story on News4 and social media posts with the hash tag #FindMargo. (Published Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014)

    A D.C. man has been reunited with his dog after it was stolen in a burglary -- and after he took to News4 and social media, desperate to find her.

    Eric Peterson said his cockapoo, Margo, was found on Benning Road in northeast Washington Saturday morning, after a tipster saw the dog's picture on News4 or on social media.

    Police responded and found Margo, as well as some of her belongings, which the burglars had stolen.

    News4's Pat Collins told the story of Peterson's break-in and his desperate search for Margo on News4 on Friday. The story was popular on social media, with people sharing posts with the hash tag #FindMargo.

    "She's my family," Peterson said in the interview, visibly moved by the loss of his pet.

    "I mean, I don't have any kids, so I wouldn't want to equate my dog with a child, but she's my companion. She's who I come home to."

    The break-in happened near 14th and D streets in Northeast, near Lincoln Park. The thieves, who apparently broke in through a basement door, took other valuables: The TV, two iPads, a laptop.

    But they also opened Margo's crate and took the 2 1/2 year old cockapoo that Peterson has had since she was a puppy. They even took one of her leashes from a hook near the front door.

    Peterson offered a reward of $10,000, no questions asked. It's not yet known if that reward will be paid.