Alleged Beer Drinking Toddler Latest Bad Phillies Fan Moment

Kid seen clapping and attempting to drink from beer bottle in 7th inning

TV cameras allegedly caught something besides just the Phillies blowing a lead to the Padres Sunday -- they also caught a young child appearing to swig from a beer bottle while in the stands at Citizens Bank Park.

The swigging youngster was shown at least twice during the broadcast. The, a local sports blog, first posted the story and a close up video of the beer toting kid late Sunday night.

That video quickly made its way around the Internet, but was promptly taken down from sites like YouTube for violating copyright.

In the video obtained by NBC Philadelphia Monday, the child could be seen hitting the bottle at the bottom of the 7th inning. He could also be seen clapping with the bottle in another shot.

“Gotta start ‘em young, right? I just hope his Dad is driving,” joked the Fightins.

The bottle appears to be empty, but the sight has sent fans in a frenzy.

After a couple seasons marred by fights in the stands, laser pointers pointed at playerstrying to turn tricks for tickets, vomiting fans and the infamous taser incident this comes as another black eye (pardon the pun) for Phillies fans.

Who knows if the Phillies-jersey-clad kid wasn’t just playing with an empty bottle or if the bottle was refilled with something else -- in any case it doesn’t look good for the City of Brotherly Love especially since national sites like the Huffington Post are pointing out the bad Philly fan moments.

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