Eagles Go All “Angry Birds”

Eagles, popular app team up for 2012 season including a possible smartphone game

Eagles fans know what it’s like to be angry (see 8-8 Dream season, zero Super Bowls, Rich Kottie, the Santa Claus snowball fallout and so much more than would ever fit in this space) but now it seems the Eagles are becoming a bunch of “Angry Birds” as well.

In an absolute genius stroke of cross marketing, the Eagles have become the first-ever sports franchise to team up with the “Angry Birds” game franchise that is one of the most popular smartphone apps of all-time (all of five years or so?) and boaster of more than 20 million Facebook fans.

The Eagles and Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds, made the announcement Wednesday by releasing a cartoon press conference of Andy Reid introducing the new “Birds.”

Gotta give them credit, the cartoonish Birds’ gibberish translates to some good humor even if this partnership comes well after those awesome Angry Eagles T-shirts hit the streets.

“Naturally because they’re The Birds… and we want to take our anger out on The Pigs… uh… I mean foes of the NFC East,” said Red Bird at the faux presser.

Take that Redskins, a.k.a. the Hogs! Of course he was referencing the pigs that users rifle the Angry Birds at in the smartphone game but the play on words still makes for some good times.

As for what to expect, (please let there by a smartphone game -- fingers crossed) all the Eagles said in a press release is “Stay Tuned.” But a spokesman for the Eagles did confirm to NBC10 that part of the plan as laid out by the Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark is in the works.

Per the Wall Street Journal:

...a partnership that will include an Eagles-centric Angry Birds game to be launched in the fall and a marketing push that will include everything from social media initiatives to integration on local team television shows and even in-stadium displays.

For instance, according to the team, if defensive lineman Trent Cole sacks New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the stadium’s video board will dump the traditional sack animation for a new one–an animation in which Angry Birds character “Big Brother Bird” Terence knocks Manning over. In short, for Angry Bird-addicted football fans, there will be no escaping your thumb-hurting vice this fall.

The Eagles chased the folks at Rovio for about a year to make the whole Angry Birds partnership happen, the spokesman told NBC10.

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