Montgomery County Spree Killer Bradley Stone Dies of Drug Overdose: ME

The Montgomery County, Pennsylvania man who went on a rampage last week killing his ex-wife and her family died from an overdose of drugs often used to treat people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, according to a final autopsy by the county's medical examiner.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman released the medical examiner’s report Tuesday afternoon that revealed how Bradley Stone and the six people authorities said he killed died.

Bradley Stone died from a "combined drug intoxication" after ingesting Trazodone, Risperidone and mCPP, blood tests conducted by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Isadore Mihalikas found. The 35-year-old's death was ruled suicide.

Stone's body was discovered in a wooded area of Upper Hanover Township, just a half a mile from his home in Pennsburg, on Dec. 16 -- a day after police said he carried out the three town killing spree.

Next to him were blood-coated knives, a large machete and double-bladed black ax, that are believed to have been used in the murders. Two medicine bottles, including one with crushed up powder inside, were found on Stone's person as well as an energy drink container that had powder around the lip, the ME said.

Trazodone is used to treat depression and also "commonly used in the treatment of insomnia and nightmares in patients with PTSD," according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Risperidone is an antipsychotic medication used to treat both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder symptoms but also been used to improve psychiatric symptoms of PTSD. The other substance found in Stone's system, mCPP is an ecstasy-like recreational drug taken orally or snorted.

The Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed last week that Stone had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stone’s body had a three of superficial cut wounds as well as a seven-centimeter deep wound to his upper thigh. He had 10 scratches to his face and neck as well, the report stated.

In an initial examination last week, Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Walter Hoffman said Stone suffered no trauma to his body, then clarified that although Stone did have a cut to his leg, it was not something that caused his death.

Stone brutally attacked his ex-wife, Nicole Hill Stone, and six members of her family with knives and a gun over a 90 minute period in the early in the morning on Dec. 15. Six members of the family died.

Hill Stone's 17-year-old nephew Anthony Flick is the lone survivor. He suffered a gaping head wound and serious cuts to his arm. Flick left the hospital Monday.

The autopsy report also outlined the injuries the victims suffered.

Stone's first stop on the killing spree brought him to the Souderton home of Hill Stone's sister, Trisha Flick.

The 36-year-old was shot in the head and also suffered gunshot wounds to her arm and had a gaping "chop" wound to her head. Her husband Aaron "A.J." Flick had "chopping" injuries to his hands and head and was shot in the hand. Tricia and A.J.'s 14-year-old daughter, Nina, died from 12 chopping wounds to her head and one to the back of her neck. Anthony Flick was also left to die in the home for hours until police could come in and retrieve him.

Moving to the Lansdale home of Hill Stone's mother and grandmother, Stone killed both of them in a second floor bedroom. The mother, 57-year-old Joanne Gilbert, was shot in the face and had her throat slashed. Grandmother Patricia Hill, 75, was shot in the face and cuts to her arm.

Hill Stone was the last to be killed. The 33-year-old was shot multiple times, just feet away from the couple's two daughters, aged 8 and 5, in her Lower Salford apartment. The children were not hurt.

Detectives recovered the handgun used in the murders inside Hill Stone's apartment, prosecutors said. Though, he was not allowed to own them since he had been found guilty of driving under the influence in April 2013.

Prosecutors said Stone hid the gun, which was purchased in 2011, and two others from probation officers during 17 home visits over the past year. Seven were unscheduled and the most recent was on Dec. 8.

That day, officials said, Stone met with a military psychologist and did not have any suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

One of the guns remains missing. Officials have notified the FBI about the missing weapon.

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