Student Accused of Knocking School Worker Unconscious

A Philadelphia high school student was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a school employee and knocked him unconscious.

The alleged incident took place on Friday at John Bartram High School on the 2400 block of S 67th Street.

Police say the worker and the 17-year-old student exchanged words as students changed classes. That’s when the student allegedly snapped.

Investigators say the teen grabbed the man’s arm and slammed him into a wall, knocking him unconscious. A viewer sent NBC10 a Vine video which they claimed showed the aftermath of the attack. The video shows a man lying on the ground, out cold. NBC10 showed the video to Curtis Brown, a parent of a student at Bartram High.

“I’m concerned as a parent,” Brown said. “Also, he’s concerned because it really troubled him, the fact that one of his administrators was accosted. It’s sad. It’s very sad.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia School District confirmed the attack and also told NBC10 that the victim is one of two "conflict resolution specialists" at the school. Officials say his job is to oversee 1500 students and help them resolve problems and make sure the transition is smooth when students change classes.

Officials also say he suffered a concussion during the assault. He was treated at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania but was released over the weekend.

"He suffered a fractured skull, concussion and who knows what other injuries, said Jerry Jordan, the president of the Philadelphia Teacher's Union.

Jordan claimed the attack could have been prevented if there was increased security at the school. 

“Young people are not properly being supervised because the district has eliminated the services of non-instructional support personnel,” Jordan said. 

The student was suspended pending expulsion. He is charged as a juvenile with aggravated and simple assault.

According to the school district website, there were 44 serious incidents, including 18 assaults, at Bartram High School during the 2012-2013 school year.

"There is great fear among the students and the staff here at Bartram," said Antoinette Calimag, a teacher at the school. "It's a challenge to come everyday." 


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