This $120 Philly Cheesesteak Is the Most Expensive in the US

The menu at Barclay Prime in Philadelphia boasts luxurious ingredients like wagyu ribeye, foie gras and truffled cheese, and the treats are used in the restaurants $120 Philly cheesesteak — the most expensive in America, according to a new episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

Executive Chef Mark Twersky starts with waygu, a famously tender Japanese beef. The meat costs $75 per pound and is guaranteed with a certificate of authenticity. He adds the beef to a sesame roll with foie gras mousse and truffle butter, adding a few extra truffles for good measure.

Then the sandwich is laden with the Italian Caciotta al Tartufo cheese, which is a blend of cow's milk, sheep's milk and truffles.

Customers who order the dish are also served a half bottle of champagne to pair with the sandwich.

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