Mayor Nutter Officiates Same Sex Wedding

Mayor Michael Nutter and several judges performed 17 marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples Saturday.

"Tuesday was a truly historic day in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and another victory in the long fight for equality and freedom for every American," Nutter said.

He and five judges -- President Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper, Judge Daniel Anders, Judge Diana Anhalt, Judge Ann Butchart and Judge Joseph O'Keefe -- offered to officiate the same-sex weddings, which took place Friday and Saturday, after an influx of couples applied for marriage licenses this week.

By Wednesday, 85 licenses had been issued to same-sex couples in Philadelphia.

After declaring one set of newlyweds "husband and husband," Nutter said he expects more than half the states in the country to legalize gay marriage by the end of next year.

"Those dominoes will continue to fall," he said. "The state has no legitimate interest or right to deny our citizens the opportunity to be with whomever they want to be with. And why do you care, it is none of your business."

Along with the 17 couples who said "I do" Saturday, eight couples were wed Friday.

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