Lowering Prices This Low is Criminal at Del. Wal-Mart

Two Wal-Mart employees got carried away lowering prices and are now charged with theft, according to Delaware State Police.

Robert Danner, 22, and Luis Lisojo, 23, were allegedly altering the price of items at the Centerville Road Wal-Mart in Wilmington, Del.

The two alleged thieves were not only Wal-Mart employees but also roommates. They would take turns lowering the cost of items that they would then sell to each other, said police.

On two occasions the two guys got away with eight fraudulent sales, according to police.

DVD's, a book, clothing and lip-gloss were among the items they allegedly price skimmed, police said.

They saved about $65 skimming prices, according to officials.

Police arrested the alleged low-price scammers on Monday. Police charged them with eight counts of misdemeanor theft and six charges of conspiracy.

They were released on bail.

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