Local Youth Football Teams Travel to National Tourney

Three brothers from Bristol share a bond over football and excitement over a forthcoming chance to play on the national stage. 

Jordan DeShield, 13, Terrell Slayton, 10, and Timmy Slayton, 9, are all players in the Bristol Wardogs football organization. Jordan plays tight end on the Wardogs Pee Wee team. His young brothers are both on the Mitey Mites roster, which is made up of 7-9 year-olds who are 9 by a certain date. 

The brothers each want to play football throughout their school years and beyond if the opportunity presents itself. Timmy plays tight end, just like his oldest brother Jordan.

They are among 70 players in the program that are heading to Plant City, Fla. this weekend for the United Youth Football League national championships. Two bus loads of Bristol Wardog players representing three teams, coaches, parents and supporters will caravan to Florida on Friday. 

"I like running around," said DeShield. "It's going to be a hard matchup. If we win we get a ring and a championship jacket."

Tim Slayton, the younger boys' father, is the coach of the Mitey Mites squad and says the coaching staff and parents on all three teams are dedicated to developing their children. Preparation is key. The coaching staff has put emphasis on explaining the significance of the opportunity to travel to Florida, the first time for many in the program.  

"They expect us to run the ball at the younger level," said Tim Slayton. "But, we have a quarterback that is able to pass the ball. We are going to do the same thing when we get down there. Teaching the kids the fundamentals of football is our glory." 

Timmy says he doesn't like to lose and can't wait to play. 


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