LIFELINES: What's Up With Missy

When cancer makes a comeback. One woman's personal journey.

Missy Stein was 36 when breast cancer struck the first time. After surgery, chemo and tamoxifen, this mother of five had survived a disease that can be particularly aggressive in young women. Now, eight years later, the cancer is back. Missy is a good friend of NBC10's Tracy Davidson and she hosts a morning radio show on W.H.A.T. called "What's Up With Missy." Missy invited Tracy to help document her second battle with cancer and she invites you to follow along as well. It's a personal journey Missy wants to share to help other women feel empowered to know their bodies and to be their own advocates when it comes to their health.

You can follow Missy on Facebook and on Twitter and catch her "What's Up With Missy" show live each weekday morning on AM 1340 W.H.A.T radio.

Breast Cancer Round One
Meet Melissa Stein. Incredible woman, friend, mother of five, a Rabbi's wife, radio host at W.H.A.T. and breast cancer survivor. Now, eight years later, her cancer is back. Missy really thought she had it beat the first time around.


Something's Not Right
Missy knows her body and she knew, after eight years, that something was just not right.


I'm Going to Survive This
Let's just say the good humor gene was baked into Missy's DNA. Listen to what she told the Doc when he gave her the news.

Missy Gets Ready to Break the News
The day before her first radiation treatment, Missy talks with Tracy about why it's so important for her to share her personal story with listeners of her "What's Up With Missy" show.


I Have Some Big News to Share
Missy breaks the news to her listeners. Hear how she did it.
You can follow Missy on Facebook and on Twitter and catch her "What's Up With Missy" show live each morning on W.H.A.T radio.


Radiation? I Wanted to Kiss Him!
Why radiation is the best option for Missy and by the way, she has a thing or two she wants you to know about pity parties.


Telling My Family
How do you face five children with this sort of news? The Missy way..

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