“Hurricane’s” Winter Forecast 2010: Let It Snow?

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz predicts how much snow we're getting this winter.

Let’s start with the headlines: MUCH less snow this winter than last winter. In fact, I expect less snow than our long-term average of 19.3 inches.

It will be a warmer winter than last year, but not what I would call a really warm winter. There will be periods when very cold air will move in. A couple of days could see temperatures in the single digits for lows.

There is likely to be some snow before Christmas, but not a big snowstorm. The snowiest and coldest month should be February. I don’t expect ANY big snowstorms with amounts of 10 inches-plus, and we may not even have an 8-inch storm.

The pattern sets up for icing threats at least a couple of times. A significant ice storm is possible for at least part of the area.

Here are the numbers:

 Forecast"Normal"Last Winter
Total snow12-18"19.3"78.7"
Dec. snow4"2.1"24.1"
Jan. snow3"7.5"3.1"
Feb. snow7"6.6"51.5"
March snow1"3.3"Trace
Dec. Tempsplus 137.4 Fminus 1.0 (from normal)
Jan. tempsplus 332.3plus 0.9
Feb. tempsminus 134.8minus 3.0
March tempsminus 143.2plus 5.1
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