Cops: Ambulance Driver Goes Rogue, Chased by Police

Chopper 10 flew over the scene of the chase early Tuesday

Philadelphia Police chased a NovoCare ambulance early Tuesday, after getting a call from an employee inside the van, saying that the driver wouldn't let him out, according to officers on the scene.

The chase started near Germantown and Stenton Avenue after police officers saw the ambulance parked in a "suspicious" spot. Police say they called the manager of NovoCare to report what they saw. The manager says he called the driver, who lied about where he was at the time, police said. The manager told police the ambulance has a GPS tracker so he knew the driver wasn't where he was supposed to be.

Police say the manager told the employee he was fired and to bring the ambulance back, but the driver made threats and drove by the agency without dropping off the other employee inside. He also told them he was taking the van home, police said.

That's when the NovoCare employee in the passenger seat called police and told them the driver wouldn't let him out of the ambulance, according to officers on the scene.

The police started their pursuit of the ambulance and the chase lasted less than an hour. When it ended near 2nd and Cheltenham, there were about 10 police cars surrounding the ambulance.

State Police took the driver into custody.

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