Alleged South Philly Face Slasher Charged With Attempted Murder

On January 7, police arrested Cory Harley, 30, of South Street.

A man accused of slashing and robbing a woman in South Philadelphia last November has been charged with attempted murder.

On January 7, police arrested Cory Harley, 30, of South Street. Harley allegedly approached Ashley Hackett outside of her home on the 700 block of S 9th Street on November 11 and slashed her face with a sharp, surgical knife before stealing her purse and fleeing the scene.

Hackett, 23, was left bleeding on the ground, screaming for help. She needed more than 100 stitches to close the wound she received during the attack and had a visible scar across her lower face when she spoke to reporters.

Police say that Harley confessed the crime to a family member and that the family member called in a tip to authorities. A short time after police went to his home, the suspect turned himself in.

Police also say he led them to the knife that was used in the attack, which was hidden in a sewer on S 5th Street. Police also recovered the distinctive hoodie Harley allegedly wore during the morning attack.

"It's mind-boggling to think that a person is actually capable of something like this," Hackett said. "I don't know who gives you the right to play God in that sense and decide that that's OK... Karma's for real and it's coming around real fast."

"We are elated that this vicious predator is off the streets," Captain Larry Nodiff said.

On Tuesday, Harley was charged with attempted murder. He was previously charged with aggravated assault, robbery, theft and other related offenses. He was held for court on all charges Tuesday morning during a preliminary hearing. He is scheduled for another court appearance on February 12.

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