Shining a light on hidden tumors
When we illuminate tumors, we brighten the odds for all cancer patients. That’s why we’re leading the way, investigating a new technique capable of making tumors glow under near-infrared cameras. We call it TumorGlow® and, in clincical trials, it enhances the visibility of undetected tumors—improving outcomes and reducing the odds of follow-up surgery. It’s a global innovation from some of the world’s most enlightened minds. And it’s one more reason why your life is worth Penn Medicine.


Immunotherapies made from the patient’s own cells
There is a breakthrough changing the odds against leukemia. CAR-T therapy, developed by Penn Medicine, offers the world’s first gene-based cancer therapy. A treatment that trains healthy cells to hunt down and eliminate cancer cells. Making what was unthinkable yesterday into a reality today. Another reason your life is worth Penn Medicine.


Breathing new life into donor lungs
How do you make lungs that aren’t ready for transplantation, ready for transplantation? At Penn Medicine, we use ex vivo lung perfusion, an innovative therapy that infuses nutrients into lungs, optimizing them for use. Expanding the availability of matching donor lungs and breathing new hope into the lives of transplant patients. It’s one more reason why your life is worth Penn Medicine.


Reversing blindness with genetics
The answer to reversing blindness derives from an entirely new kind of vision. With a unique gene therapy pioneered by Penn Medicine, we can now replace a missing gene and restore vision. Lighting the way not just for the blind, but for future of medicine itself. Another reason why your life is worth Penn Medicine.


Using focused ultrasound to reset the brain
Uncontrollable tremors can disrupt a life. Then again, so can brain surgery. That’s why we’re first in the region to use and offer focused ultrasound to treat essential tremor with ultrasonic waves. Advancing the cutting edge of medicine without any cutting at all. It’s one more reason why your life is worth Penn Medicine.

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