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Cheating Husband's Public Punishment

Shame can be a powerful punishment.Just ask the guy who had to stand on the corner in Tysons Corner, Va., Wednesday morning.You know, the guy wearing the sign that said, "I CHEATED. THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT."He told a passerby that he cheated on his wife and she found evidence on his cell phone.So the wife doled out a rather creative punishment: He had to stand at the intersection during morning rush, wearing the handmade sign.People reported seeing him as early as 9 a.m., and his presence was discussed on several of Washington D.C.'s morning radio shows. A little before 11 a.m., his wife texted him to let him know he'd been out there long enough. He removed the sign and skedaddled.Leesburg Pike in Tysons Corner is one of the most traffic-clogged arteries in the area, making for maximum viewing pleasure.