The Boss Turns 60

Bruce Springsteen is celebrating a milestone today, his 60th birthday (we couldn’t believe it either). But have his “Glory Days” passed him by?

The overwhelming consensus by a Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll says hell no.

In fact, 86-percent of New Jersey adults surveyed say Springsteen’s "Glory Days" are still to come.

Only four-percent of those questioned say the native son is probably getting too old to rock and just three-percent say he is definitely too old.

Springsteen also ranks with Elvis Presley in the survey. "The Boss" ties with "The King'" for the Garden States all-time favorite rocker.

The survey shows Springsteen's broadest appeal is to middle-age residents.

Well, we’re not middle-aged and we think the boss rocks. Happy Birthday Bruce!

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