Antique Lovers, Find Your Treasure

The Philadelphia Antiques Show will be in town this weekend

The Philadelphia Antiques Show makes it easy for antique lovers from around the world to gather in one place for four days to enjoy the rarity of each collection.

The show kicks off  Saturday, April 17 and ends Tuesday, April 20 at The Navy Yard and will feature special museum-quality loan exhibits.

“We are looking forward to another year as the nation’s foremost arts and antiques show,” says Show Chair Liz Cavanaugh-Kerr in a press release

And this year, instead of just browsing antiques, visitors will be browing for a cause. Proceeds from the show will go to Penn Medicine to support development of the new Penn Center for Ocular Imaging.

If enough money is raised, the center will be able to provide sophisticated ocular imaging instruments to many of Penn Eye Care practices. 

Since 1962, the show has raised more than $16 million for innovative programs with a direct impact on patient care, according to a statement. 

“Our deep commitment to raise money to support Penn Medicine continues to drive our dedication to present an unmatched show year after year.” 

Tickets are currently $15 online and $18 the day of the event. Students and Penn Medicine employees will get to enjoy the event for $10. 

A host of tours and galas will also take place during the four day event.

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