MTV Makes a Star Out of NJ Woman

Gabriella Caloiero became a local MTV reality star as the nation watched her drop 90 pounds on her episode of the MTV series “I Used to be Fat."

The Egg Harbor Township graduate spent the summer after graduation working her butt off -- literally.

“Yes, I missed out on some things with my family and didn’t get to hang out with friends much before they left for college, but I knew life after would be amazing. And I was right,” Caloiero told SJ Magazine.

The magazine reports that Caloiero would workout seven days a week for as long as eight hours a day with her trainer Katie Loosvelt. 

Caloiero’s weight loss journey started when she found a casting call online for the show. The 253-pound junk food junkie that didn’t get much exercise, thought this could finally be the answer to her constant weight struggle.

After all, at the end of summer she would be attending Atlantic Cape Community College and this could be a fresh start to a healthy lifestyle.

“The weight kept me back from a lot of things. It kept me from being completely myself,” she told SJ magazine.

According to the mag, Caloiero’s audition for the show involved a self-made video of her anwering in-depth questions about weight loss and how she thought it would change her life.

Caloiero had 111 days to lose the weight and those days weren’t easy, sometimes even driving her to tears. When it came to her daily workout you name it, she did it. Though none of the exercise and diet was easy, her trainer (and biggest cheerleader) pushed her through it.

“To get what she wanted out of the experience, I had to push her beyond her comfort zone,” Loosvelt told the magazine.

It’s been months since Caloiero filmed her episode for MTV and she has managed to keep the weight off as well as maintain her new lifestyle.

According to SJ Magazine, she is no longer using a scale to check her weight -- instead she goes by how her clothes fit.

“I’ve gained a new outlook on life and I’m a happier person,” said Caloiero to SJ.

You can watch the episode, highlights and an update from Caloiero on and to read SJ Magazine’s article, click here.

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