Dog Named Magic Found Alive 2 Days After Brick Wall Collapses on Top of Him in Kensington

Magic, a 16-year-old American Pit bull Terrier, was buried under a three-story brick wall that fell into his owner's yard

A family dog believed to be dead after a brick wall collapsed off of a home in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood was found buried alive under rubble two days later.

Sections of a three-story brick wall on Emerald Street collapsed into the yard of neighbor Jose Gonzalez on Monday.

Gonzalez believed his dog Magic, a 16-year-old American Pit bull Terrier, died in the accident. The family tried digging through the rubble by hand, but couldn't locate Magic.

Then Tuesday, construction workers cleaning up the debris found the canine under bricks.

"They say men don't cry but I was so happy I was crying," Gonzalez said of hearing that his trusted pet was still here.

"We are all happy about that, that nobody was hurt. That’s was the main thing. But when I found out my dog was here, it was the same thing as somebody getting hurt," Gonzales said Wednesday.

Magic has head trauma and is dehydrated. The family is taking him to a veterinarian for a full examination.

The city's Department of Licenses and Inspections has told renters to stay out of the neighboring building, as they investigate what happened.

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