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Montco Firm Out to Make More Eco-Friendly Coca-Cola Bottles



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    Technology developed by a Montgomery County industrial biotechnology company may one day change the way people drink Coca-Cola -- or more specifically, the bottles containing the world’s most popular soft drink.

    Renmatix Inc. of King of Prussia has developed a patented and proprietary process of converting wood residue, plant residue and even some non-recyclable trash into sugars that can be used to make bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals and plastics.

    Virent, a Madison, Wis., biochemical and biofuels company that has a partnership with the Coca-Cola Co., is testing Renmatix’s technology for use in the soft drink company’s PlantBottle packing initiative.

    “Today 30 percent of the PlantBottle [introduced in 2009] is made from plants; Coca-Cola wants to get it to 100 percent,” said Mike Hamilton, CEO of Renmatix. Read more about this story on

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