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Should the Texans Be Big Dogs?



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    The Eagles enter Thursday Night Football as 8- to 9-point favorites -- depending where you look -- over the Houston Texans.

    But, is that right?

    Are the Birds really a touchdown-plus better than the Texans?

    I say yes.

    Just look at the scoring stats alone.

    The Eagles are No. 2 in the NFL with an impressive 28.2 points per game while the Texans come in at an even 24 PPG.

    A 4.2-point differential.

    On the defensive side the porous (besides Mario Williams) Houston D has allowed 26.1 PPG while the embattled Philly D has allowed 23.4.

    A 2.7-point differential.

    I know that I’m stretching it a bit with this reasoning but you basically have your touchdown difference between these teams right there. Add in the factor that in games Michal Vick has started and finished the Eagles have averaged an even more lofty 33.5 points and this one is shaping up to be a Texas-style shootout with the Eagles soaring above the Texans.

    Oh yeah and even with the cold weather a 52-point spread looks like chump change with these high-powered offenses on the field against questionable defenses.

    My pick: Eagles 41, Texans 27