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Baby It's Cold Outside



    Baby It's Cold Outside
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    The winter weather must haves.

    Baby it's cold outside...  Yes, it's fall in the Northeast.  And, the cooler weather that filtered in this week reminded us that summer 2008 has bid us adieu and that winter will be here before we know it. 

    Actually, these past few days had us feeling more like December then mid November, as we struggled to reach 50 degrees, both Monday and Tuesday.  And, chilly nighttime lows in the 30s and 20s, forced that second blanket on the bed. 

    It's that time of year when flip flops, shorts and tanks are pushed to the back of the closet and the boots and sweaters are once again front and center. 

    Speaking of boots, it reminds me of my cold weather must haves.  The items that you simply can't get through winter, and everyting the season has to offer, without.  For my husband, it's a flannel lined button-down shirt.  He practically wears it over every single piece of clothing he owns.  He wears it to work, to play and to just lounge in front of the television. 

    I have three winter essentials: Ugg boots, a puffy long jacket and a scarf.  They have been my must haves for about five years now. 

    I discovered the Ugg boot when I was living at the beach.  The original intention of the Ugg boot was for surfers who would put them on right out of the ocean. No socks! I'm not a surfer but I do wear the boot the minute I step out of the shower and they stay put pretty much from then on.  And, the long puffy jacket (has to be below the knee) and the scarf needs no explanation. 

    As for our forecast, we are looking at a brief warmup Friday and Saturday before temperatures take a big dip on Sunday.  After that, it looks like we will have,a prolonged period of chilly days and nights. 

    So, what are your cold weather favorites? Let me know.