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Here We Snow Again

Up to 20 inches of snow projected for parts of the area



    Here We Snow Again
    NBC Philadelphia
    Projected snowfall totals for the Tue/Wed storm of Feb. 9 and 10, 2010 in the Philadelphia region.

    Snow could start fallling in the afternoon in some parts of the area, but more likely it will start after the sun goes down.

    The snow will continue to fall overnight and all day Wednesday. That daytime snowfall is expected to be the heaviest.

    After the second-largest storm in Philly history, if we get the totals we're talking about with this new storm -- up to 20 inches north of the city -- we will go on record with the snowiest winter every in Philadelphia.

    In extreme South Jersey, where nearly 40,000 folks are still without power, there may be a mix of snow, sleet and even some rain.

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    About 4,500 folks in Delaware were also still without power Tuesday morning. After 55 hours of huddling under a blanket with her cats, the colder Lynn Lofthouse got, the madder she got.

    "I'll be in touch with my senators. I'll be in touch with the Public Service Commission. I'll be in touch with God," Lofthouse told The New Journal.

    Here We Snow Again

    The major difference between this storm and our most recent storm is that places to the north and east should see the more significant snow while points to the south could see much less.

    The reason for the change is due to warmer air working in creating a change over for a period of time.

    We only need 9.3 inches to beat the record for the snowiest winter in Philadelphia history.

    Here are the estimated snow totals.

    Cape May, N.J. and extremely southern Delaware2 to 4 inches
    Central Delaware, parts of South Jersey and Atlantic City4 to 8 inches
    Northern Delaware, Wilmington, Del., parts of Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware and Chester Counties8 to 14 inches
    Northeast Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties and Central Jersey including Trenton14 to 20 inches
    Parts of Lehigh Valley14 to 20 inches
    Poconos and above8 to 20 inches

    Pretty remarkable! But a wintery mix is expected to creep up from the south, keeping the totals lower than the last storm. The mix line may even creep up as far as Philadelphia.

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