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Thunderstorms Out; Cold In

Swap the umbrella for a jacket Sunday.



    Thunderstorms Out;  Cold In
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    Umbrellas are a must on this Soggy Saturday in the Philly area. Wet, but warm.

    Weather definitely dictates the weekend.  We had a tornado watch across the entire region well after the sun set on Saturday. 

    It was warm enough to feel 'balmy' but that will change as the weekend winds up.

    The skies are expected to clear up by Sunday afternoon as the rain clouds move away from the area. Even though there will be some sunshine -- first breaks in the clouds in a few days for some areas -- don't expect the temperature to warm up.

    A cold wind will develop and bring in much colder air by Sunday night and Monday.

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    You'll need a jacket and maybe even a coat Sunday and much of next week. Don't be surprised to see a flurry or two next week but it should not amount to much.

    The cold brisk wind will be the main weather attraction next week.

    Keep an eye on the colder weather with this weather map from Unisys Weather. This is the map that we often refer to when doing our weather reports.