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Push to Patch Potholes



    Pothole Repair During Warm Weather

    As we approach the warmest weather in months, road crews are planning to take full advantage of the break to repair thousands of potholes across our area. NBC10's George Spencer reports. (Published Friday, Feb. 21, 2014)

    Road crews in Pennsylvania will be out in force this weekend working to rid the roadways of potholes.

    PennDOT says they will have as many has 35 road crews filling in the flat-tire producing ditches on Saturday and Sunday.

    "We're going to take advantage of temperatures being in the 50 degree range," said PennDOT spokesman Gene Blaum.

    The warmer temperatures and lack or rain are important, Blaum says, because it allows crews to do so-called 'hot patches' -- filling potholes with hot asphalt.

    "The use of hot asphalt helps make a permanent repair. We use the hot asphalt, we roll it, we seal that particular damaged area of pavement," he said.

    Since temperatures have been hovering around freezing or colder for the past few weeks, road crews have been forced to use cold asphalt to temporarily fill the gaping holes.

    Despite the crew's hard work, these 'cold patches' quickly revert back to potholes say residents who witness the evolution.

    "They come out early in the morning, and then you have all kinds of traffic coming through all day, driving on them, and they're only sinking right back in," said Manayunk resident Diane Berry.

    Blaum says crews working this weekend will be focusing on trying to even out the deepest ditches and potholes on the most heavily traveled roads.

    As for paying for the repairs, the agency has money set aside in it's budget. PennDOT has a $2.5 million fund dedicated to pothole eradication.

    Have a pothole in your neighborhood or along your commute, click here to find out how to report it.