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4 Storms Down, Another to Go?

More snow could be on the way soon



    4 Storms Down, Another to Go?
    Theresa Clower
    Mabel is asking everyone to take a chill pill.

    The forth major snowstorm of this record season didn't produce the most snow of any storm this winter -- except for in the Poconos -- but accumulations were still very high in some areas. And, everyone was affected by the strong winds.

    At the peak of the storm, in the middle of the night, winds were sustained at 25 to 35 m.p.h. with gusts up to 50 m.p.h.

    Snow amounts in our area ranged from less than 3 inches in parts of Cape May County and southern Delaware to 2 feet in the Poconos.

    Officially in Philadelphia, 5.6 inches accumulated, bringing our all-time record winter snow to 78.7 inches -- the previous record was 65.5 feet  in 1995-96.

    For February, we are now at an amazing 51.5 inches. Not only is that an astounding record -- the previous record was 31.5 inches in 1899 -- but that single monthly total alone would make this the fifth snowiest winter of all-time.

    Snow totals overall were higher to the north and lower to the south. Here is a sampling:

    Allentown - 12.4 inches
    Perkasie - 11.5 inches
    Montgomeryville - 11.5 inches
    Atlantic City  - 7.6 inches
    Wilmington - 4.7 inches

    Hundreds of schools were closed and there were other cancellations and delays as well.

    Mass transit delays were expected throughout the day and the airport remained touch-and-go -- some flights are coming in and taking off while others are cancelled.

    The center of the storm moved from near Cape Cod Thursday straight west to New York City (a very unusual east to west winter storm track), but by Friday afternon it was weakening and moving back out into the ocean.
    Some snow showers should continue to spin around the low for the rest of Friday and even Saturday. But, the steady snow is over.
    At least for this storm. Believe it or not, there is a chance of another snowstorm next Wednesday. But we'll talk about that later on this week.