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Snow Storm Hits Philly

Some snow has hit areas south of Philadelphia



    Snow Storm Hits Philly
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    Light snow had made its way into Philadelphia, Delaware and Southern New Jersey, and is expected to pick up Saturday night.

    While the most of the snow will fall mainly south of Philadelphia, we're already seeing quite a bit in this area as well, possibly up to an inch.

    Meanwhile, a bitter cold wind continues to whip through the area today.
    It’s not often that temperatures drop 25 degrees in less than eight hours, but a cold front passing through the area around 4 p.m. Thursday caused the mercury to plummet in local thermometers.

    Temperatures bottomed out in the teens Friday morning, but with a 15-25 mph winds, it felt like it was in the single digits or even below zero.
    A mix of winter weather across the southern plains and southeast is a result of a storm, which continues to move in our direction.

    The snow in Delaware and Southern NJ is expected to end tonight. Once the snow moves out, the cold wind continues across the area until the middle of the week.