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It's Snowing South of the City

Parts of the area could see 2 feet of snow



    It's Snowing South of the City

    Snow starts this afternoon and by tonight, our area will be buried under several inches of snow as a major Nor'easter barrels through the region.

    More and more early dismissals/cancellations/closings are coming in and local traffic reports say the roads are getting busier as workers leave the office early as well.

    School Closings

    Snow-Related Cancellations, Closures

    The storm, which is steaming up from the Gulf of Mexico, could dump upwards of 24 inches of heavy fluff by the time it moves out to sea.

    The entire region is under a Winter Storm Warning until late Saturday. A blizzard warning has also been issued for the Jersey Shore and parts of Delaware.

    A heavy, wet snow is expected to fall and strong winds are expected to blow between 30-40 m.p.h. with gusts up to 55 m.p.h.

    Snow is expected to start falling by the evening rush -- between 4-6 p.m. -- starting light and quickly progressing into heavy snowfall. Here's how the storm's expected to shake out:

    Friday 5 p.m.Snow begins
    Friday 10 p.m.Snow becomes heavy
    Saturday 2 -7 a.m.Heavier snow and strong winds
    Saturday 7-11 a.m.Heavy snow transitions back to steady snow
    Saturday EveningBack to light snow

    Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz is describing this Nor'easter as a backwards storm -- because the system, like its predecessor in December, is expected to hit areas south and east hardest rather than the usual white spots like the Poconos.

    New computer modeling shows that the storm is leaning on a more southerly track, meaning the area could see slightly less snow than originally predicted. Again, parts to the south will see the worst.

    Extreme South Jersey and most of Delaware16-24 inches
    Parts of Philadelphia, Wilmington, Del., parts of South Jersey, Delaware and Chester Counties12-16 inches
    Northeast Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties and Central Jersey8-12 inches
    Lehigh Valley4-8 inches
    Poconos and Above1-4 inches

    The storm has prompted many travel delays and cancellations as well as early dismissals from some schools. AAA-Mid Atlantic is advising drivers to stay home Friday night and Saturday morning so that road crews can work to clear the highways.

    Get the latest on closures and up-to-date radar over in the Winter Weather Center.